Making "Life Lessons" Come to Life

In 2016, Reuters launched the Life Lessons content series, exploring what notable Americans have learned about being wealthy through their successes—as well as their failures. Speaking with titans of business, culture, and sports, the series tackles the financial ins-and-outs of topics such as family, philanthropy, education and investing and telling their stories through compelling articles and infographics.

Last week, we showcased one of the most popular stories from the series with Life Lessons Live, an exclusive event in the heart of New York City. The event brought together a group of key Reuters clients with celebrated chefs, restauranteurs, entrepreneurs and TV personalities Lidia Bastianich and Joe Bastianich.

Taking place at Lidia and Joe's flagship business, Eataly guests enjoyed a menu selected by Lidia and Joe that included house made mozzarella, risotto Milanese, fried artichoke hearts, and other delicious delicacies. The menu was paired with Bastianich wine selections. Lidia and Joe gave guests a private tour of the restaurant where they learned more about Eataly’s many culinary offerings.

In a discussion moderated by Reuters money editor and Life Lessons creator Lauren Young, Lidia and Joe shared what drove their success. Lidia was born in Croatia and after spending years in a refugee camp, emigrated with her family to the U.S. Lidia told the audience, “What propelled me was the gratitude for my parents - two people who took us somewhere where they didn’t know what they would have - and this is what shapes us to work hard.”

Joe spent a year on Wall Street as a bond trader before he ventured into the food industry. He spoke about how he decided to get into the restaurant business and that “as much as I wanted to be prosperous I wanted to be entrepreneurial and in charge of my own destiny.”

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