Reuters partners with The Business Debate

Reuters Plus has partnered with The Business Debate (TBD) to host and promote a series of films seeking to tackle some of the world’s most significant global challenges. 

17 Goals to Change our World

In collaboration with the United Nations, this compelling and insightful documentary film series will explore why sustainable business is better business for the enterprise and society at large and how sustainability is being embedded into a range of global organisations.

Each film will demonstrate how a true north version of business—one that provides economic development, prosperity and positive growth in a way that is socially just and environmentally sustainable, aligns with The 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The films, along with 17 very special introductions to the Sustainable Development Goals, will be available on from the end of August 2018.

About The Business Debate

The Business Debate (TBD) is an international film production and distribution business that help organisations thought lead in credible, influential and high profile international media environments.