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The challenge

In an effort to drive consumer brand awareness, Synchrony Financial partnered with Reuters to position their brand as a different kind of financial institution, committed to empowering individuals to realise their ambitions. Synchrony Financial knew it was essential to do this via storytelling and that it had to be in a compelling and authentic way. This required breaking through the barriers of traditional native advertising with a format that re-defined how to best tell a narrative brand story.


The solution

Reuters launched 'Working Forward', a groundbreaking native video advertising campaign for Synchrony Financial that aligned their services with real stories from enterprising individuals. The sequential video series was natively integrated into the Reuters TV platform to enable Synchrony Financial reach a highly engaged audience within a premium mobile viewing experience.


Video series

Reuters created a series of four 'Working Forward' stories featuring entrepreneurial Reuters TV viewers, revealing the steps they’ve taken to achieve personal or professional goals. Each story was split into sequential native ad segments, allowing the viewer to piece together each individual narrative. By capturing the voices of real consumers, Synchrony Financial created organic continuity between the native content and the editorial it was attached to.

Native advertising

The video series was natively integrated between segments of a personalised news show on Reuters TV to generate maximum engagement. Reaching over 2 million monthly viewers, Reuters TV is an award-winning news platform for a mobile-first generation, typically engaging users for an impressive 12 minutes. The seamless integration of content offered Synchrony Financial a unique opportunity to reach and engage audiences in new and innovative way, using a modern platform built to retain interest.

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