A man casts his vote into a mock ballot box at an election event hosted at the U.S. ambassador's residence in Kathmandu, Nepal November 9, 2016. REUTERS/Navesh Chitrakar - RTX2SO5H

SAP | U.S. Election 2016


The challenge

Data journalism played a key role in the 2016 U.S. presidential election with news organisations producing countless stories calculating the probability of victory for the two candidates. Reuters existing polling database struggled to process big data fast enough for real-time analytics. Reuters needed a better way to automatically mine new polling data as it came in, to learn what election trends were emerging and report them quickly.


The solution

Reuters partnered with SAP to integrate their key technologies – SAP HANA, SAP Mobile Platform, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud – within its products. This technology increased the speed at which Reuters U.S. elections data was able to reach our customers, and created new platforms for consumers to do their own data analysis.

Election Poll

Technology partnership

SAP’s HANA product improved the technology behind Reuters Polling Explorer. Reuters re-launched the site and an embeddable widget powered by SAP HANA in November 2015, and was able to provide near-instant response to queries that online users demanded. This technology also powered the Electoral College simulation States of the Nation.

SAP Hana

Mobile app

Reuters integrated the SAP Mobile Platform technology for the White House Run app that incorporated Polling Explorer data into a simulated presidential election experience. Reuters employed SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service to expedite app development and launch it in time for primary voting season.


Content series

Reuters Solutions also created a series of in-depth articles, video and infographics about data journalism and elections that appeared on SAP’s online magazine, the Digitalist.


Every step along the way the Reuters team were looking for new and different angles in which we could leverage our project and further amplify all of the information.

Alycia De Avila, Senior Director of Global Sponsorships at SAP

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