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Samsung | Focus 360


The challenge

To showcase the capabilities of Samsung’s affordable Gear 360 camera to news broadcasters and journalists worldwide as a storytelling tool offering innovative perspectives on the news agenda.


The solution

We saw the perfect opportunity to integrate VR technology and 360 video into Reuters editorial reporting. We took a strategic approach that was beneficial to both Reuters and Samsung. Gear 360 kit was distributed to 30 locations around the world and journalists were trained to incorporate 360 content into their everyday news gathering. The Focus 360 channel housed all of the content produced and was available to both consumers on Reuters platforms as well as publishers and broadcasters.


360 video

Reuters built a custom 360 video player and made it available, along with all editorial content, to our subscribers via our distribution network. This element enabled Reuters partners to embed video content on their own platforms. Editorial content was provided in English, German and Japanese to reach the largest amount of top tier clients.

360 images

360 photo slideshows supplemented the video content. Coverage spanned six continents, including the Rio Olympic Games 2016, U.S. elections, the ongoing refugee crises in Syria and Iraq, festivals and cultural events.

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