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Excedrin | Instant Relief


Most Effective Campaign | Digiday Awards 2017

The challenge

To drive understanding around headache ailments, and migraines in particular, through an engaging activation strategy. While keeping the content editorially relevant, Excedrin needed to be positioned as the only brand truly dedicated to head pain relief.


The solution

We leveraged our full service studio to deliver a multi-faceted series lifting the lid on headache and migraine pain relief. Tapping into video production, editorial, research and design we assembled a campaign to cover all sides of the story.



Our two-part series divided the migraine issue in two. We started by talking to experts about how migraines impact on one in four U.S. households and the ensuing ripple effect this causes – most notably including absenteeism in the workplace. We followed this up with a more personal treatment with migraine sufferers sharing their experiences and their hope for greater relief of their symptoms.

Poll and article

We ran a quantitative look into American sentiment on headaches and migraines in the workplace, powered by IPSOS - Reuters exclusive polling partner. This was followed by an article analysing the findings drawn from the 4,000 responses. We showed that it’s common for workers to hide headaches and migraines from their supervisors and employers.

Excedrin Articles


We produced an engaging and informative interactive with a warm illustrated style to look at how diagnosing and treating headache pain has evolved across the ages and identified famous sufferers - from Vincent Van Gogh to Serena Williams.

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