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The challenge

Planning every aspect of an international business trip takes precious time, especially when travelers desire an authentic experience for themselves and their clients. ANA tasked us with reaching creative business influencers and generating awareness of its new routes in a strategic and engaging way.


The solution

Reuters proposed the Carry On campaign with a focus on getting real expert advice and unique ideas in ANA’s key Asian destinations from influential business travelers. Our key insight saw ANA’s message amplified if the target audience can directly relate to the expert or advocate speaking to them, and understands the types of experiences they are looking for while on business trips. A focus on saving time and resources lies at the core of Reuters strategy.


Content wall

We designed a high impact bespoke content hub to house all of the content produced in partnership with ANA with all impressions road blocked with ANA advertising. This was complimented by a bespoke advertising unit housing the best of the content and served direct to the target audience.

ANA Landing Page


Five videos took viewers under the skin of key destinations thanks to hints and tips from locals and expats in the know. Shot in an engaging and informative style capturing both the big and small pictures of iconic destinations like Bangkok and Singapore, we struck a fine balance between natural content and aligning with ANA’s key messaging that resulted in a stunning end product.

Articles and image galleries

Tapping into our network of business travel experts, culinary authorities and cultural advisors, Reuters delivered insightful and engaging articles digging beneath the surface of ANA’s key destinations. In Shanghai, readers were advised to search out the city’s finest soup dumplings, while Tokyo delivered essential advice on the perfect place to pick up edible gifts to break down cultural barriers. And to back up all the great advice, each destination had its own image gallery to show off its most photogenic aspects – and delicious dishes.

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